Tips How To Bleach Asian Hair

bleaching asian hair

Maybe seeing an Asian girl with blonde hair isn’t “natural.” But if done right, sporting bleached Asian hair or other highlighted shades can look really good. When going from dark to blonde, the results can be downright traumatic but if you know how to pick the right shade and are able to get the right person for the job, Asian hair can look great no matter what shade it is.

One of the most dramatic hair colorings is going from black to blonde, especially when it comes to asians with bleached hair. While it is generally not recommended to lighten dark hair a shade that is too far from the original color, many Asians and other ethnicities with generally dark hair do it everyday. The key is to have a good hair stylist and knowing how to maintain and care for your hair so your color lasts and stays healthy.

Because Asian hair tends to be naturally thick and dark, lightening it may involve stronger chemicals and even pre-lightening or other bleaching agents to prep the hair for additional coloring. If you’re not sure what lighter shade will work for your hair, visit a salon and get a consultation from a stylist that specializes in hair coloring. They can help you decide what colors to use. Many bleaching agents are extremely potent and aren’t meant to come into contact with the scalp or skin, so be very careful when using these types of products, as they can cause serious burns.

The condition of your hair will determine if you need a pre-lightening process before the actual color application and if you should wait a certain amount of time between these two stages. This is where a strand test comes in handy. You want to make sure the color you get is one you’ll be happy with and it’s easier to save yourself time and money by testing your potential color out on a small strand first.

If you are going from black to blonde for the first time, opt for a semi-permanent coloring process. Because the bleach strips the color from the hair, the ammonia-peroxide solution transforms the hair into a new color throughout the color shaft. In other words, the color will be very noticeable and can look too harsh if you’re not used to such a color.

Semi-permanent coloring rinses out in 6-12 washings so if you’re not happy with your new color, you won’t have to deal with it forever. If you’re going with a permanent color, just know that the only way to get back to your naturally dark tresses is by growing the hair out. This will result in a mix of your natural color and the dyed shade so make sure you want to commit to being blonde if you choose permanent color.

So you’ve taken the plunge and are now a hot Asian mama with blonde locks. Now what? In order to maintain your new shade, it’s important to practice good hair care so your shade lasts and continues to look healthy. Washing your hair using cool water helps lock in the moisture and color longer by tightening the cuticle. Use hair products designed for color-treated hair, as well as a shampoo that contains a semi-permanent color to avoid color loss. Also avoid putting too much heat on your hair, which can damage the outer layer of the hair’s cuticle. This can cause the color to fade faster.