How to Whiten Your Dark Armpits?

Dark Armpits

Did you ever wonder how to whiten your dark underarms? Spring time is probably the best period for women to show off their prettiest dresses. But we might have some second thoughts if we find dark skin areas on our underarms. How are we supposed to enjoy a beautiful weather and feel free in our body when we get conscious about raising our armpits, to play volley-ball or just having a nap for example?

All that aspects can affect our self-confidence and self-esteem. It is a major reason why some people will refuse to wear sleeveless clothing, because their armpits doesn’t look at their best. They are not a pretty sight and they can really make one feel very conscious about themselves. This is the very reason why underarm products are up for us to grabs.

Natural armpits whitening treatment

You can order armpit whitening creams online via as they have a wide range of quality products. If you want to avoid spending extra money, here are some natural remedies that work:

1. Consume vitamin E regularly. If your underarms are getting dark, and you are not taking enough vitamin E, they will worsen. Vitamin E has lightening properties and is good for skin in general. So if you want to whiten your armpits, go for Vitamin E.

2. Lemon is excellent in getting the skin to lighten. Cut up a lemon and rub it on your black armpits. Repeated use of lemon juice as a natural skin lightener will definitely show results within a couple of weeks.

3. Another method using the whitening power of lemon is a paste made of lemon juice, cucumber juice as well as some turmeric powder. Mix the 3 ingredients, and apply it to whiten your dark underarms. Leave them on for 10 to 20 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water.

Preventive habits to avoid dark underarms

It is common practice for women to shave for removing their underarm hair. Shaving can cause underarm skin darkening. Shaving cuts the hair off at skin level and leaves the root intact. Shaving can cause skin irritation that can be  unpleasant to look at plus the fact that  it can cause skin discoloration because of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. To make it shorter: shaving doesn’t help with whitening for armpit.

So the solution would be using hair removal creams that dissolve the hair below the surface of the skin, taking it longer for the hair to grow back. It is less likely to have a dark armpit patches back. Always remember to do a patch test before using hair removal creams on your armpits, to ensure that your skin will not get irritated by their components, it is best to choose a hair removal cream designed for sensitive skin and paraben free. Organic products are a must.

So, with all these natural skin whitening tips for caring of our black armpits, there is really no reason for women to feel less attractive because of dark underarm areas. And what are your tricks about how to whiten underarms?

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