Which Soap Is The Best?

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Everyone has their preference as to what kind of soap they like to use when in the bath or shower: body wash/gel, bar soap or body scrub. What some do not realize, however, is that each type of soap has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to skin type. Find out what type of soap will work in your skin’s best interest.

Before we get started, it should be pointed out that the type of soaps referred to in this article deal with the kind used on the body and not the face. There are plenty of articles out about what cleansers and other facial soaps work for different skin types, but hardly any when it comes to cleansing your body from head to toe.

Bar Soap

Ah, good ole fashioned bar soap. In spite of the popularity of the various forms soap is available in nowadays, there are still plenty of people who prefer to stick to bar soap. Of course, we should all know by now that bar soap that is used for the body in the shower or bath should never be used on the face. When shopping for bar soaps, note the ingredients. Many have a lot of artificial ingredients that rely on smelly fragrances instead of providing hydration and nourishment to the skin.

Herbal soaps are available for sensitive skin types, as these use all natural ingredients. There are many bar soaps that have no fragrance at all so you can be assured that artificial fillers aren’t included. Those with normal skin won’t have much to worry about when it comes to bar soap, either. Be sure to choose one that leaves your skin squeaky clean but doesn’t dry it out or leave a greasy film afterwards.

BodyWash/Liquid Soap

The beauty about body washes, also known as liquid soap or gel, is that its formulation allows it to retain more than 30% of the skin’s natural moisture. This is a plus for dry skin types. Unlike bar soap, liquid soap can be applied to loofahs or washcloths and used for hard to reach places, while providing soothing, gentle exfoliation. Body wash and other types of liquid soap also contain a lower pH level than bar soap, which allows it to be gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types.

There are a number of liquid soaps and body washes on the market that caters to all skin types, and are fine for all ages to use, including young children. Body washes also come in a range of scents, from the most rugged for the manliest of men, to the sweet and fragrantly floral scents for women. Unlike bar soaps, body washes don’t whittle away and are viewed as more sanitary when it comes to multiple users.

Body Scrubs

Body scrubs are excellent for providing an overall exfoliating experience in the bath or shower and effectively slough off layers of dead, dry, and flaking skin. Most body scrubs are formulated with tiny microbeads or grainy ingredients that work to scrub the skin’s impurities away, leaving a radiant glow. Oily skin types can greatly benefit from a body scrub due to its ability to keep pores unclogged and removing surface debris while giving the skin proper hydration and moisture. Sensitive skin types may find body scrubs too harsh for their skin and should stick to bar or liquid soap.

Many body scrubs also act as body wash so you’re able to kill two birds with one stone.

Stretch Marks: Treatment and Prevention

Sexy Female Butt

Stretch marks, although many of us may have one or two, are mostly associated with pregnancy. Medically referred to as Striae Gravidarum, they occur anytime the collagen fibers in the skin are stretched and torn beyond normal, hence the appearance of small tears. Although harmless and painless, they aren’t pretty to look at and can do a number on a woman’s self-esteem and body image.

Stretch Marks During and After Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most common cause of stretch marks because of the rapid growth during the last trimester. Here, the skin stretches to accommodate the growth of the baby and the necessary parts of the female body involved in childbirth. Stretch marks during pregnancy occur mostly in the abdomen and stomach area, but can also be common on the buttocks, breasts, hips, and thighs since these areas grow rapidly as well. The bad news is that they are not easily avoided – more than half of all pregnant women will get them. Most women worry greatly about stretch marks during and after pregnancy and this can cause problems with body image and self-esteem.

Stretch Mark Prevention

Stretch mark prevention during pregnancy is limited since it’s not up to us how quickly baby grows. Your best prevention is to not gain more than the recommended amount of weight during your pregnancy, which doctors say is 25- 35 pounds. Smaller women will be more susceptible to the development of stretch marks obviously because of the skin’s need to stretch more than a larger women’s skin.

Doctors also recommend staying hydrated. Consuming the proper amount of water daily will ensure hydration and elasticity in the skin, allowing it to accommodate the increase in size. Many women buy into the creams and lotions that promise stretch mark reduction or prevention during pregnancy. Doctors warn against using these, however, because the chemicals contained in them are absorbed by the baby.

Regular lotions, such as Cocoa Butter or V Titghtening gel on Birthorderplus, although great for the skin, have shown no evidence of preventing stretch marks. The bottom line is that what mostly determines the amount and intensity of stretch marks is the elasticity of your skin, which is entirely determined by genes. That means that, ultimately, other than keeping your weight gain within the normal range, you have only a little control over stretch marks during pregnancy.

Stretch Mark Treatment and Removal

Stretch marks generally fade considerably within a year of giving birth. Still, some women are bothered enough by them to seek further methods for reducing their appearance and resort to topical applications, creams, and even surgery. A tummy-tuck can hide stretch marks on the stomach, although leaving a scar in their place. Also, doctors can prescribe a tretinoin cream after giving birth which can reduce the appearance of stretch marks. The sooner after delivery these topical treatments are used, the more effective they are. Overall, women consider stretch marks a small price to pay for the new bundle of joy in their life.

Meladerm: How To Fade Acne Scars? The Most Popular Methods In One Place

Fade Acne Scars

Did you ever wonder what is the best fading cream for acne scars? Maybe you or someone you know suffers from facial acne scars. Facial acne consequences like scars are very devastating for self-confidence.

That’s why a lot of people try to get rid of these acne scars by bleaching them when they are not too deep. Fortunately, the best scar lightening creams exist on the market for that purpose.

Here we want to share with you some views concerning whitening creams for acne scars as well as natural ways to fade acne scars.

How to find scars lightening products

In this Meladerm review i will show you that this is a natural and best bleaching agent to find in any scar lightening products you are looking for. The biggest advantage of fading acne scars this way is that it can not dodge. Apply twice a day. It’s all about that. And the best part is that nobody needs to know that you’re following a treatment as it is not invasive. You can make it in the privacy of your home, and some people have seen results as soon as 2 weeks for whitening their acne scars.

The most expensive acne scars lightening cream is around $ 50. However, if this is related to money, try the good old lemon juice. This grandmothers trick is still useful… just check the tips below.

Be careful to your skin

Deterrent to this type of acne scar fading treatment using very sensitive skin may be light. Thus protect your skin from the sun. If your gait PIH fact, the sun can actually make these scars darker. So, I’m for a rule of thumb is always at least 30 SPF applies to anything.

It is very important that you consult a dermatologist before starting any acne scar fading treatment as your skin can have a specific complexion which is not compatible with even the best acne scars fading creams.

How to lighten acne scars naturally

Many techniques are available to get rid of acne scars such as laser treatment, surgery and medication etc. but, if you really want to lighten your acne scars naturally and in  safe way, then you should first have a balanced skin care habits. Beside using bleaching creams for scars, try to use some natural ways to get rid of acne scars.

Tips to fade acne scars naturally

Here are some natural tips to help with acne scars lightening:

  • Lemon juice: Lemon juice is loaded with skin lightening properties. Apply lemon juice on affected area to lighten the acne scars.
  • Rose water and sandalwood powder: Make a mixture by combining sandalwood powder and rose water. Apply this mixture gently on the concerned portion of your skin. Let the paste remain overnight, and then wash it the next day with cold water.
  • Aloe vera gel: Apply aloe vera gel on affected area are twice a day for few weeks.
  • Honey: Honey is also loaded with skin bleaching properties. For obtaining the best results, try to make a mixture by mixing honey and lemon juice. Apply it gently on your scars for few minutes.
  • Tea Tree Oil: Apply 2-3 drops of tea tree oil on the acne scar. It’s one of the best scar fading cream.
  • Ice cubes: Place an ice pack on the scar for about 9 to 13 minutes.
  • Oatmeal: Make a acne scar removal mask by mixing oatmeal with yogurt and lemon juice. This tips is just as efficient as a scar fading cream. Apply it on your face and wash with cold water after 20 minutes and pat dry.
  • Apple cider vinegar: Apple cider vinegar helps to lighten the acne scars. It’s not same as the best scars fading cream but it can help a lot if you regard natural ways to lightening acne scars. After washing your skin, apply apple cider vinegar on your skin.
  • Coriander Juice: Coriander juice is also beneficial in the treatment of acne scars. Add a pinch of turmeric powder to the coriander juice and apply on your acne scars to lighten them up.
  • Olive Oil: have a massage on your face with olive oil before going to bed in the evening.

So what could you recommend to our readers? You can share your views in the comments below or read this post about fading black scars on face.

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All You Need to Know About Organic Skincare Product Labels

Organic Skin Care

Skincare is a concern of many people today. One of the reasons why most people get frustrated with using skincare products is because what they get seldom meets their expectations. This happens because different people have different perceptions on skincare products, especially when it comes to the much popular organic options. So, keeping that in mind here are some tips to help you get the most out of organic skincare Australia.

Always Read Labels

When reading product labels it is important to know what you are looking for. This is where applying the rule of thirds comes in. The rule of thirds basically means that every product natural or otherwise lists its ingredients that make up the most of their product at the top third of the ingredients table. This also mostly consists of water, so you need to read it carefully. The middle third almost always represents around 5 to 8 percent of the product, while the bottom third of the ingredients chart represents approximately 1 to 3 percent of the total product that you will be purchasing. It is important to make sure that the product you are buying has all the ingredients which really matter at the top third of the ingredients chart.

“Natural Skincare”

You may not know this but in the world of skincare, the word ‘natural’ has two meanings. If you go according to the dictionary, the definition will be; “either existing or formed by nature.” In the cosmetic industry, the word natural means any ingredients which have been derived by natural substances.

”Manufacturers of beauty products often mislead consumers by labelling their products as natural. For instance, skincare products which have cocamide-DEA in them are often times passed off as being natural because it is derived from coconut oil. While this may be true, the fact is that there is a synthetic substance known as diethanolamine which is used in the extraction and any ingredient which goes under a chemical process cannot be called natural. This is why it is important to do your homework while selecting organic skincare Australia.

Study more: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natural_skin_care

Organic doesn’t mean what you think

It is always best to look for a logo which guarantees the product’s integrity, especially when it comes to organic skincare products. Having an organic certification on the label is the only way in which one can determine whether a product is original or not. The definition of a third party guarantee for an organic skincare product goes as; “An independent third party guarantees the product’s organic claim.”

It is also necessary for an organic skincare product to contain at least 95% organic ingredients excluding that of water or minerals. Also, the organic skincare product must comply with the stringent processing criteria which is set by the country or origin.

In legal terms, manufacturers of organic skincare products are able to name products containing carbon as natural or organic. In other words, if a product contains petrol, it can be called organic. Another ingredient which is very popular amongst skincare products is methylparaben, which is derived from petrochemicals, which comes from crude oil, which comes from living matter, hence it is called “organic.” It is important for people who use organic skincare products to make sure that the product they are using on their face and body does not contain any of these ingredients which aren’t exactly organic.

How Much Water Is In The Product?

Think of it this way, if an organic skincare product manufacturer dips a few teabags in water and lets it infuse with the liquid, they can call the result “organic.” What this basically means is that sometimes the products which claim to consist of 75% or more organic ingredients, the truth is that in reality, it more of that 75% is actually water. When you are choosing organic skincare products always go for the manufacturers who are well known and have been in the business for a long time. This way you can stay safe from products that don’t work and bogus labels.

How Meladerm Ingredients Work


If you are one of the many people that suffer everyday from skin imperfections, or conditions that can make the skin lose its uneven like tone. Achieving even skin tone all round is what you will most probably strive to achieve if you are reading this. Perhaps scars have contributed in making your skin worse off. It looks as if all the products you have tried have been a waste of time and resources.

If you are looking for a skin lightening product that has been clinically proven to be effective and used by thousands of people all over the world, then perhaps Meladerm cream is what you have been waiting for.

Meladerm is a highly advanced skin lightening cream that comprises a number of active ingredients (such as Alpha Arbutin, Tego Cosmo C, and Gigawhite to name a few), to conjure what it terms to be the special formula. You will be delighted to know that Meladerm ingredients have been clinically proven to induce production of melanin, by targeting the melanosome organelles directly, thereby making visible differences in weeks.

Although some of the Meladerm ingredients used in making this product can be found in other skin lightening products, but Meladerm ingredients are cleverly effective in character and execution. Its airless dispensing technology also ensures that the cream is always devoid of air, and this is no coincidence. This has been carefully developed, further contributing to the precise attention to detail paid on delivering this product to the masses.

What Do The Reviews Say About The Effectiveness of Meladerm?

Many of the reviews that have surfaced on this product have been eye opening. Many have heralded the blend of Meladerm Ingredients as a main factor for using this product, many also like the cohesive nature of Meladerm ingredients as another factor, while others simply are amazed by its ease of use, and many others pleased with its safety on skin and also its undoubted effectiveness.

“I have been using Meladerm coupled with prescription vitamin A and have had great results in 1 week. I have used other products that make claims, but never received satisfaction until now. This product evidently works! I am very pleased so far! I live in Sydney, Australia”. – Grace (testimony from company website)

“I’m still stunt, cant believe what this cream as done for me. I used every cream underthe sun, have spent a couple of hundred dollars..I’m a senior with discoloration over the lip, my forehead …Meladerm has cleared my skin up tremendly…Unbelieveable….I can swear by this cream.” – Geraldine P. (testimony from company website)

Getting the Best Deal On Meladerm Cream

The authenticity of this product means that its supply must be centrally dispersed, hence availability of this product is only available online. To ensure you obtain the best price and quality for this product Meladerm can only be purchased online right now.

Is This The Ideal Product For You?

If restoring your skin back to a more radiant and even condition one that was prevalent prior any scars, or skin damages you might have had is a dear goal of yours, then Meladerm ingredients will ultimately help you achieve that goal with patience, coupled with your ability to stick to the treatment.

Users of this product have reported noticeable differences within days and some within weeks of using Meladerm. Although individual skin type varies, initial results usually occur within 2 – 3 weeks of use, and further lasting results start to appear as more of the product is being used on skin.