Does Acai Berry Help You Lose Weight, Really?

Acai Berry

Ever since the superfood burst onto the national TV channels, many people have this question on their mind – does acai berry help you lose weight? In this article, we are going to reveal to you the facts about this fruit so that you can make an informed decision should you consider buying an acai berry product.

The acai berry fruit was only discovered by America in recent years but this fruit has long existed in Amazon. The natives consume it and use it for its health properties. It is reported to aid digestion, improves skin complexion and helps one to lose fat and weight.

The fruit contains a high concentration of anthocynanins and flavonoids, both antioxidants. These antioxidants are capable of destroying the free radicals which are known to affect our cell development, repair and protein. Other than having a high antioxidant content, it is also a rich source of minerals and vitamins. It contains amino acids, iron, calcium and vitamin A and C.

Now, we come to the part which you are most interested – how does acai berry help you lose weight. First, we need to understand why the antioxidants can help you shed off those extra pounds. When our body starts losing weight, we also lose our body fat content. This not only releases toxins stored in our fat but also free radicals which are harmful to our cell development.

Another side effect of weight loss is the loss of helpful nutrients like vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, carotenoids, etc. These further add strain on our bodies and slow down our metabolism.

When that happens, acai berry as a rich source of those vital minerals, antioxidants and vitamins can quickly step in to make up for the loss. Not only that, it is effective in boosting our metabolism, helping us to burn up those calories faster.

We must understand that weight loss is essentially a simple math equation. As long as we burn more calories each day than our intake, we begin to shed off extra pounds and fat. It is a simple concept. And acai berry helps our bodies to burn more calories.

Acai berry weight loss products are ideal for folks who are too busy to squeeze exercises into their daily routine. Why? Because simply by consuming it, you can effectively improve your metabolism and lose fat and weight while going about your normal activities. Since it doesn’t work like any other appetite suppressant, you really do not need to change your diet drastically.

Dried Fruit Wholesalers, Elements To Consider

dried fruit

Dried fruit wholesalers supply a large selection of dried fruits for customers. One of the finest approaches to remain healthy is by consuming fresh fruits inside a preserved form. These fruits can be stored for a lengthy time and as opposed to fresh produce they’ll by no means go out of season.

Preserved fruits are filled with antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients and can be introduced as part of a wholesome and lower body fat diet. Raisins, figs, dates and prunes are some of the most prevalent kinds you might come across in the supermarket, but on line stores may have quite a few more selections. You could obtain dried pineapples, mangos, berries and exotic choices at food outlets. You are able to store them for a lot of months inside the fridge.

Apricots are an excellent supply of beta carotene too as nutritional vitamins A, C, magnesium, iron and potassium. A powerful antioxidant found in apricots referred to as Lycopene can also be found in prunes. They can aid with weight reduction and stabilize blood sugar ranges.

Raisins and berries include potent polyphenols and retain most of their antioxidant properties. These fruits are regarded as as super food and have been utilized for medicinal functions in China. In the Middle East, dried figs and dates are employed as nourishment because of their substantial fiber content material which is beneficial for the digestive track.

For those who purchase preserved bulk fruit, it is possible to preserve money and these days more and more persons prefer to have a supply of this staple food for everyday use. It really is a recognized reality that organic and natural preserved fruits are now a lot less complicated to come across than a number of years ago. I

t can be obtainable in bulk out of your nearby health food shop and many on line suppliers now give great worth for cash bulk items. A simple search on the web will display you any sort of foods you’re trying to find to purchase in bulk.

Gaining Weight Back – Five Lessons Learned

Gaining Weight Back - Five Lessons Learned

As my faithful readers know, I have been in the slump to end all slumps. Thank you for the support you showed on my last post, I Am The World’s Worst Weight Loss Blogger. I have yet to figure out all the pieces I need to shake out of this slump, but in the end I know what I need to do and I just have to figure out how to start doing it. You guys are helping even though it may not seem like it at times.

So I thought I would use the opportunity to document some things I have learned on the way back up – not the journey I had intended to take but I did and I need to learn from it. Here are 5 Things I Have Learned Since Gaining The Weight Back:

1. I think about re-starting the diet at the wrong times

It’s happened enough now that I have detected the pattern – when I have been off my diet and gaining weight the time when I start thinking to myself that this time will be different and that I will absolutely be starting my diet immediately is right after I just stuffed myself. I’m sure it’s some sort of natural guilt reaction but I can say with confidence that the diets or lifestyle changes that are thought about in such states never actually get off the ground.

Why can’t I think about these things when I am being good, shouldn’t it be easier to just continue to be good? So how would one go about addressing this problem? Maybe have a timer that goes off at random periods throughout the day and that is your cue to think about being healthy? I can see that working – anyone know if it exists?

2. I need to learn how to better handle success

The weight I lost at the beginning of my weight loss journey that I am documenting here is the second time I have lost a noticeable amount of weight in the last dozen years. In both cases there was a series of common events that occurred at the tipping point of me gaining the weight back again. People started giving me compliments. I don’t understand the psychology of why this might be, but it sure seems like a trend.

It’s almost as if my willpower wanes once I have achieved that recognition from others, even though I was far from my goals. How to combat this one? Maybe instead of getting compliments being an unsaid goal (who doesn’t hope for compliments?) I need to make it an actual, measurable goal.  Number of new people complimenting me on my weight loss in a month? Maybe that would help keep the drive alive.

3. It sucks to be fat

Obvious, I know. But it needs to be said. I’m now wearing the one pair of fat pants I kept in addition to a couple of new pairs I had to buy. My only black belt is at the first notch and I can’t gain any more weight otherwise I’ll need to buy a new one. When I get out of my work pants at the end of the day I have a sore belly from where my belt buckle was rubbing all day.

I’ve had to buy a bunch of new, larger dress shirts for work. I look and feel older.  We are implementing high definition video conferencing at work and let me tell you the camera sure does add 25 pounds.  Either that or I am just fat. Oh wait, I am. That sucks!

4. The weight comes back slowly – but time marches on

I have always been of the belief that while it takes forever to lose weight, it can get piled on very quickly.  In fact, I’m starting to think the opposite – at least for someone who has as much weight to lose as I do it does seem in hindsight that I was able to lose weight pretty rapidly but that it has taken a lot longer to put it back.

Look at the slope on my weight loss graph at the start of my journey compared to the upslope since. I have been gaining weight for longer than I was losing it. But lately it has accelerated as bad habits compound. It doesn’t matter how long it actually takes to gain that weight – if you are moving in that direction it’s bad, you can’t fight time.

5. I have the knowledge, what I need is willpower

I absolutely know what I have to do to lose weight.  It’s not colon cleansing and it’s not acai berries.  I know what fast food is OK for me, I know how to moderate my portions, I know what food I should eat in moderation. I know that even simple walking will help and that I don’t need a complete home gym or public gym membership to  succeed. Pretty much anything will work when you are ingesting fewer calories than you burn.

But even knowing all that I fail, and it’s because I don’t have the willpower that I need. Willpower to start again after I have fallen, willpower to keep going when times are tough. I don’t know how one gets willpower, but I need to figure it out.

So that’s some things I have learned. But will I take them to heart? If you enjoyed this post, please consider subscribing. Thank you for visiting!

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Several Easy Methods to Boost the Metabolic Rate & Phen 375 Customer Reviews


When people are dieting, they often make mistakes that would result in failure; not success. If you want to lose weight, you probably think that the best way to do so is to really limit your intake so your weight loss program can run successfully. But do you know that you can actually lose weight and improve your health greatly without having to limit your intake at all? If you know how, you can enjoy your favorite food and still get results of losing weight.

Forget cutting off your intake as it would only lead to slower metabolic rate. If you want to lose weight, you need to boost your rate so all the calories can be burned off efficiently – both the intake calories and the calories from the fat deposit. There are some ways to increase your metabolic rate, if you know the basic secret.

Consuming Green Tea

Green tea is a beverage that isn’t only calming, but also beneficial for your health. By consuming green tea on daily basis, you can boost your metabolic rate and stay healthy at the same time. Green tea is rich in antioxidants that would repel off dangerous free radicals and also prevent anti aging signs. That’s why green tea is considered helpful natural substance that can bring good stuffs. Consuming two or three cups every day will be enough to keep you healthy. You can also see the results immediately. Your weight will be reduced and you won’t easily get hungry anymore. You will also feel energized and refreshed.

Consuming Spicy Foods

Consuming spicy foods can also help boosting your metabolic rate. Foods like hot chili peppers or cayenne pepper can help you lose weight. First of all, the ingredients found in the ingredients can help you shed off pounds easily. Second, when you consume the foods, your body’s temperature will increase – resulting in the increase of your metabolic rate. Your metabolic system would burn off calories faster and more efficiently, leading to successful weight loss result. Third, after you consume the spicy foods, it is likely that you won’t be interested in consuming other foods. Fourth, when consuming the spicy foods, you tend to drink plenty of water. Water can curb your appetite, so you stay full on longer term. It’s another benefit in losing weight factor that you can enjoy.

Consider Consuming Foods with High Calories and Carbs

It doesn’t mean that you need to consume those foods on regular basis; you only need to do it on certain days only. For example, after following dieting menu and planning for a week or two weeks, it is okay to consume foods with high level of calories and carbs. It won’t make you go back to your routine; in fact, it can bring positive effect where you can experience such boost in your performance and progress. Consuming these kinds of foods can be handy especially if your dieting program is stuck

Increasing the Thermogenic Process

Thermogenic process is when your body experiences improvement in burning off calories effectively. Consuming certain supplements or fat burners can do the trick. Just be sure that you have chosen the suitable and healthy supplements to get the best result. Surely I recommend Phen375, just take a look at this Phen 375 customer reviews 2017 before make decision.