Bite Into Beauty with Edible Cosmetics

The concept of edible underwear has been around for years, so it shouldn’t be much of a surprise to hear about a new trend making its way from country to country: edible cosmetics. Women in Asia and Europe have been indulging in this part of the beauty industry for quite some time now. With edible cosmetics slowly making its presence known in the United States, many are wondering if this latest phenomenon is worth taking a bite out of.

As the name suggests, the products that fall under the category of edible cosmetics are meant to be consumed in order to enjoy the health benefits listed on the label. However, these items are not to be confused with similar products that have already been on the market. The line of products in the “nutricosmetics” category doesn’t include your run-of-the-mill flavored lip glosses or edible body scrubs. From vitamins to drink boosters and special pills, nutricosmetics are designed to promote youth, vitality and an improvement in the skin’s elasticity from the inside-out…literally.

What has helped to make edible cosmetics all the rage in Asia and Europe is the fact that the ingredients in nutricosmetics are all-natural and many do not contain sugar or calories, which is music to any woman’s ears. Common ingredients listed on the labels of these items include but are not limited to: antioxidants, green tea, acai, resveratrol, collagen, goji berry and lutein.

So what forms do these ingredients appear as in the line of edible cosmetics? Believe it or not, there is now a capsule on the market that, when taken orally, has the ability to provide the same beneficial properties as applying traditional sunscreen.

In addition to being able to stay safe from harmful UV rays with one pill, there are similar pill products that promise a natural tan through this same method. Other items worth mentioning in the nutricosmetics family include nutrition bars formulated to provide nutrients for glowing and radiant skin and drink boosters that improve one’s skin elasticity. In addition to these edible beauty products, there is also a tasty new alternative for fans of fragrances. Instead of sucking on traditional, sugary candy, there is now the option of eating “perfume candy,” which not only tastes good but has the ability to produce a pleasant fragrance through the pores of a person’s skin.

However, as fascinating as these items are and as popular as they are becoming internationally, some people may be wondering if nutricosmetics are too good to be true. While there are those that stand by the results they’ve experienced for themselves, others are less than quick to jump onto the bandwagon.

Health and medical experts are quick to point out that aging well and getting favorable results over the years simply boils down to eating right, exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle – not seeking a quick fix in the form of a well marketed product. Of course, such feedback hasn’t stopped fans of edible cosmetics from continuing to stand by their favorite items and since this trend has continued to enjoy booming business in other countries, chances are it won’t be a trend that will burn out anytime soon.

Five Beauty Blunders To Avoid This Summer

fake tan

We all want to look our best during the summer season. However, the warm weather comes with a number of beauty challenges that you must learn to master, or you will run the risk of flaunting some major beauty disasters this year. Find out how to avoid the five biggest beauty blunders of the summer.

Blunder #1: Sporting a “Fake” Tan

We all know by now that a tan from a bottle is the safest way to look kissed by the sun. But that doesn’t mean that your summer color needs to come with unsightly streaks or a scary orange glow. Be sure that you find a sunless tanning product that will give you a natural looking color, and exfoliate your skin before applying the lotion to ensure that your tan goes on smooth and even.

Blunder #2: Forgetting your Feet

Summer is the time that feet come out of hiding to flaunt themselves in strappy sandals or even to run barefoot across the lawn. Make sure that your feet are ready to bare all by giving them plenty of TLC during this time of year. A pretty pedicure is the natural course, but don’t neglect the back of your feet either. Use a sloughing file regularly on your heels, and apply a thick moisturizer at least once a day to keep them silky smooth.

Blunder #3: Going too Light

It may have been said that blondes have more fun, but resist the urge to bleach out your tresses when the warm weather hits. The best rule of thumb is to keep your hair shade close to the color of your eyebrows. If you must have lighter locks for summer, try highlights instead of a full color treatment. If you have never highlighted your own hair, or if you want to go more than a shade or two lighter than your natural hue, consult with a pro to make sure that your color treatment ends up looking the way you want.

Blunder #4: Incorrect Skin Care Products

Summer is definitely the time to lighten up, especially when it comes to the products that you put on your face. Many women find that warm weather brings oilier skin so adjust your skin care products accordingly. You can also combine products to avoid too many layers on your face during the warmer days. For example, find a tinted moisturizer that comes equipped with an SPF and you have just successfully consolidated two or three products into one.

Blunder #5: Melting Makeup

When temperatures warm up, some makeup products cannot take the heat. Summer is a good time to go with a waterproof mascara and eyeliner to avoid running and smudging problems. You can also opt for clear mascara and go sans liner for a more natural look. It is also a good idea to keep a few blotting papers in your purse to keep shine off of your nose and forehead. A spritz of a hydrating mist will also help to keep your makeup in place and your skin refreshed as well.

Warmer weather does not have to spell beauty disaster for you. With a few tips in modifying your beauty routine for summer, you can hit the beach or the pool looking your most gorgeous.