fran-kerrWelcome to Ol Drake Blog. I’m Fran Kerr and I have a very unusual skill – I help people to clear their acne naturally.

I didn’t choose this job, it chose me! When I was 27 I developed severe cystic acne which took a significant amount of trial and error to heal. I made a lot of mistakes during that time and tried literally everything, both conventional and natural. I became somewhat of an expert just from my continuous exploration and passion for healing my own skin.

Since becoming clear I’ve been working with literally thousands of people to help them get clear too.

I feel that it has taken me a full six years of working in the industry to have finally come to a complete understanding of acne and how we are able to properly treat it. I decided to make this site focused towards adult women only because most teenagers just grow out of it, and men are still a mystery to me (in all ways actually!).